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World of Safety: Experience Matters

For TUV Austria the customer's benefit always comes first. Service for our customers has top priority and is based on our high competence in solving any kind of problem, on our communicative abilities and our impartiality. We stand for expert advice, know-how and profound knowledge of how to minimize risks and problems. Furthermore, we attach major importance to safety and availability of installations and devices. TUV Austria makes sure that technical process and inventive genius are made use of and are accepted for the benefit of society. TUV Austria plays a leading role in the field of safety, quality and saving natural resources.

Therefore, the TUV Austria group can offer custom-made services in the field of testing, inspection, certification, advice and training in almost every sector.

The high degree of experience that TÜV Austria has gained can be demonstrated best in the form of figures. Among many other items, TÜV Austria regularly inspects about 12.000 medical devices, equally 60.000 lifts as well as other lifting devices and 400.000 pressure devices (steam boilers, pressure vessels, etc.). The scope of tested subjects reaches from small motorcycles to vehicles carrying hazardous goods, from belts to track ropes for cableways, from children's bicycles to roller coasters, from go-carts to ambulances, from pressure cookers to large power stations, from liquid gas tanks to oil refineries, from single-use gloves to operating room equipment and from mobile chandeliers to stage machinery.

TÜV Austria's numerous specialists are active world-wide.

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