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TÜV AUSTRIA Group specialises in steam boilers, pressure equipment, piping, machinery, lift facilities, escalators, electrical facilities (also in the area of explosion protection), stage equipment, playgrounds, cableways, industrial reactors, building construction, health care facilities, leisure facilities, traffic etc.

The independent experts of TÜV AUSTRIA Group furthermore ensure a high level of quality in the fields of residence / residential / industrial building acquisition, construction or renovation.

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is distinguished by the competent inspection in almost all areas of business, industry, labor safety in the private and public sectors. Its operational objective focuses on pressure equipment, industrial reactors, steam boilers, piping and ductwork, lifting equipment and lifts, electrical installations, stage equipment, ropeways, buildings, recreational facilities and traffic.

Areas of Activity


Notified Body Services according to the European directives

According to the European Union’s reglementation regarding the products’ safety made and/or traded on the territory of the member states, the producers must use the services of a Notified Body.

TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA is a Notified Body with No. 2414 – Accreditation obtained from RENAR Romania Accredited Association in 2012 – for:

  • Evaluation and certification of pressure equipment (boilers,  pressure vessels, piping, etc) according to the European Directive PED 97/23/EC;
  • Welding procedures (welding, brazing) approval according to European adapted standards EN ISO 15614.

In collaboration with TÜV AUSTRIA (Notified Body with No. 0408) and other group branch offices, TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA ensures certification services for a wide range of products open to the European safety directive stipulations in exploitation: TPED/ADR, electrical equipment, machinery, elevators, medical technology, etc.


HAZOP studies / HAZID studies

TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA in collaboration with TÜV AUSTRIA  offers HAZOP and HAZID studies.HAZOP means hazard studies (HAZARD) & Operability. It is a systematic method of analysis of the operability parameters deviations using a specific vocabulary.

The required documents in order to accomplish the study are the equipment sketches (PID, PFDs) and a process description.HAZID- is an utilized technique for the identification of the significant hazards related to an operational activity. The study is based on key-words such as Control philosophy / Flammable / toxic materials Hazards related to Electricity / Security hazards / Healthhazards / Hazards related to Height Safety Equipment – State of the art / Operationphilosophy (Manning, Training, etc.). 

The studies are performed in English, utilizing proper software and they are based on the standards and procedures of OMV Petrom.


Personnel certification

Welding, brazing and other similar procedures standards, as well as harmonized norms for weld and joint testing are the basis for almost all testing technical specifications along with procedures for execution, inspection of metallic construction works and pressure equipment.

In order to ensure the quality of welded products, the welding and brazing personnel should have qualifications and certification according to European standards, qualifications also requested by Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC.

The applicable standards : EN 287-1, EN 287-1, EN 1418, EN ISO 9606-2,3,4,5, EN ISO 13585, EN 13067.

The candidate who takes part in the welding certification process must pass a practical and theoretical test, these are fundamental for certification. TÜV AUSTRIA CERT designated as accredited certified body uses testing laboratories and qualified inspectors for this particular test. Usually, TUV Austria Romania uses its own accredited testing laboratory.

The certification test results (exp. theoretical tests, visual examinations, destructive / non-destructive) must be documented and verified by the inspector who takes part in the certification process  in order ensure the completeness and the conformity with the applicable standards. 
TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA can perform, if requested, all the required destructive and non-destructive tests.

TUV Austria Romania has the right to certify personnel according the following norms:

  • Welders qualification according to European norms EN 267-1:2011, EN ISO 9606-2,3,4,5;
  • Brazing operators qualification according to European norms EN ISO 13585:2012;
  • Qualification of welders on thermoplastics ( e.g. Polyethylene HD, PP) according to European norms EN 13067:2012;
  • Qualification of welding operators according to European norms EN 1418:1997.

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