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TÜV AUSTRIA Group specialises in steam boilers, pressure equipment, piping, machinery, lift facilities, escalators, electrical facilities (also in the area of explosion protection), stage equipment, playgrounds, cableways, industrial reactors, building construction, health care facilities, leisure facilities, traffic etc.

The independent experts of TÜV AUSTRIA Group furthermore ensure a high level of quality in the fields of residence / residential / industrial building acquisition, construction or renovation.

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is distinguished by the competent inspection in almost all areas of business, industry, labor safety in the private and public sectors. Its operational objective focuses on pressure equipment, industrial reactors, steam boilers, piping and ductwork, lifting equipment and lifts, electrical installations, stage equipment, ropeways, buildings, recreational facilities and traffic.

Areas of Activity


Testing services TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA

TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA performs classic destructive and non-destructive testing services performed by ISCIR, EN, ASME authorized personnel in the RENAR accredited and CNCAN, ISCIR authorized laboratory.

Non-destructive testing represents the examination method in which the reliability of a structure or a part is done without dismounting it, or its damage. This kind of inspection can be performed through a classical or a non-conventional method, the classical method can also be carried out at temperatures higher than 60 degrees. High temperature inspections are met in all industries, but mostly in oil and gas industry.

The classic non-destructive testing that can be performed by TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA:

  • Magnetic particle non-destructive testing
  • Penetrant non-destructive testing
  • Ultrasound non-destructive testing
  • Visual non-destructive testing
  • Radiographic testing

Non-conventional non-destructive testing performed by TÜV AUSTRIA ROMANIA:

  • LRUT (Long Range Ultrasonic testing)
  • SLOFEC (Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current)
  • Phase array
  • Digital radiography
  • Acoustic emission
  • TOFD (Time of flight diffraction)
  • Laser Scan
  • The DCVG method (Direct Curent Voltage Gradient)

The destructive testing performed by TÜV AUSTRIA ROMÂNIA can be done both in the laboratory and on site.

The destructive testing performed in the laboratory:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Tensile test
  • Charpy impact test
  • Macro, micro hardness
  • Flattening
  • Bending

The destructive testing performed on site :

  • Chemical analysis
  • Metallographic Replicas
  • Hardness

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