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10 Good Reasons to Choose TÜV AUSTRIA:

Competent - Independent - International

  1. Specialized Competence
    Due to profound experience, education and further training TÜV Austria with its 500 mostly technical employees is a competent partner in all questions related to technical safety, quality and environmental protection. Because of its participation in numerous national and international committees and its relevant research activities TÜV Austria is always familiar with the latest developments.
  2. Impartiality / Integrity
    TÜV Austria is strictly independent of any interest groups such as authorities, industry, trade, operators or any other parties
  3. Europe-wide recognition
    The documents issued by TÜV Austria are highly recognized in and outside the European Community as well as in some overseas countries. For our customers this is the guarantee for legitimacy and acceptance by economy, authorities and the public in general.
  4. EU Testing Body
    Manufacturers can also turn to TÜV Austria for EU approval procedures.
  5. Economic All-round Procedures
    By employing TÜV Austria for a row of tasks synergy effects and consequently economically more attractive all-round-packages can be achieved.
  6. High Availability
    The services carried out by TÜV Austria do not depend on single persons. Teams of competent experts guarantee high availability.
  7. High-quality Services
    TÜV Austria's organisation and quality management ensure standardized procedures within the scope of services, independent by which division or subsidiary they are carried out.
  8. International Network
    TÜV Austria has many affiliated companies in Austria and abroad and branches spread all over Austria.
  9. Measuring and Testing Equipment
    TÜV Austria has a multitude of the latest high-quality and calibrated measuring and testing equipment at its disposal in its two testing centres in Austria (Vienna and Wels) as well as on site.
  10. One Partner for Many Questions
    Due to its wide-spread scope of services TÜV Austria can deal with extensive questions in the field of testing, inspection and certification.

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