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Social Responsibility: Integral Management

Environmental protection combined with sensible use of energy and natural resources has become one of today's central challenges. These aims define the future and quality of life for the next generations.

Industry, mobility and environmental protection must not particularly be contradictive. This depends on integral reflections on technologies, their consequences and the public acceptance.

The complexity of the specialized subjects and the related regulations constitute highest requirements for all those involved. These are equally relevant for the legislation and authorities, but especially for industry with regard to supplying the necessary financial means.

Integral Solutions

The way to lasting and responsible solutions is not always easy, though. Tomorrow's challenge lies with new, integrated solutions, that protect the environment and natural resources and at the same time improve technological and economic competitiveness. The essential requirements in this field could be paraphrased with catchwords such as "sustainable development" and "clean technology".

On the basis of clear legal structures, authorizations as well as technical and personnel conditions TÜV Austria offers an equally broad and profound scope of services.

Many Years of Experience

TÜV Austria has also gained extensive know-how and many years of experience in the environmental sector. Reference projects reach from the environmental audit and certification of environmental management systems for an Austrian paper mill and Chrysler Eurostar to environmental certificates for power stations in Austria and abroad.

No matter whether OMV, Voest Linz or Swarowski, TÜV Austria reduces environmental protection and economic interests to a common denominator.

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